Kent - Things She Said

"Was it you that held too tight?
Was it me that was too weak?

I will leave you where you lay,
While I slip and slide away.
The little things that she says,
What do they say to me?
The little things that she does,
What do they do to me?”

This book depicts my childhood and my relationship with my late aunt. I love it so much. The greatest and closest thing to my heart.



There I sat alone in the car, 
The weight of what you’d done around me,

Oh, all around me.
And with the water rushing down my eyes 
it was all that I could do not to scream

Mr. Moon - Eisley

4/16 Eisley


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One Direction - Nobody Compares

Hair length finally 💯

Hair length finally 💯

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Crop top

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Paula Cole - Where Have All the Cowboys Gone

the actual greatest movie

the actual greatest movie

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"All I wanted was to receive the love I gave."

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